Time has come to take other paths, with more conviction, more energy and a lot of determination. The audience of Métissage Sangue Misto has grown a lot in these recent years and this requires giving it more attention and consideration.

I chose the day of its eighth birthday to loop towards wider horizons and new projects. To make what used to be a house, a real home, more welcoming and differently stimulating.

Those, like me, who are passionate about cabala, sacred archeology and numerology, know that number 8 universally symbolizes the infinite, where nothing ever ends, but it is only a continuous cycle that has no end and it is the reflection of the spirit in the created world, the immeasurable and the indefinable. It represents the integrity and completeness of mature age. It is the number that indicates the full development of material and earthly resources.


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Be happy, be kind, and be well. We look forward to seeing you soon again!

You are welcome, if you come in peace.