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Way To Go, Bitch

mammy The Mammy in my bedroom

The one thing I am constantly astonished by is my approaching-Oedipus-level-blindness. Case in point: at the same time I was working on an essay slated to be published next week about how what my grandmother calls “Sambo-black” collided with colorism —  of all places — on my baby shower cake, I was hanging a picture of Hattie McDaniel as Mammy from Gone With The Wind in my bedroom.

Let me explain.

With my baby due practically any week now, nesting, thankfully, has finally started to take flight in my household. Last weekend, when we managed to clear all of our belongings out of the nursery I sorted through a box from my old workspace that was a mix of art supplies and papers. That’s where I recovered the picture of Mammy and without thinking put it up in our bedroom.

For longer than I can…

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