Luisa Casagrande‘s insight:

The use of the word “Slavery” is often widely and falsely generalized. The TYPE of slavery is the most ESSENTIAL factor. This generalization of “Slavery” is both misleading and fuel for propaganda used to justify the horrors of the African Holocaust also known as The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

Let me give you an analogy to explain why YOU CANNOT group certain terms in the same category. People who commit crime are labeled “Criminals” but all “Criminals” do not commit the same level of crime. A convicted child molester and a petty shoplifter are technically both criminals. But are their crimes on the same level? Should they be sentenced the same? I’d like to hope that you don’t think so. “Slavery” should not be generalized. Furthermore, we must expose the propaganda of “American Chattel Slavery”.

There has been forms of domestic servitude found since the beginning of history. Africans, Europeans, and Asians all share this history. Understand that the Trans-Atlantic slave trade was NOTHING like that, especially AMERICAN CHATTEL SLAVERY.

“American Chattel Slavery” was 500 years of dehumanizing and total degradation of African people. It’s estimated that over 250 million Africans died during this horror. They murdered, raped, tortured, and enslaved Africans for more than 500 years (and counting). Generations of stolen Africans lived and died enslaved. Living a real life HORROR movie. THERE HAS BEEN NOTHING LIKE THIS TRAGEDY EVER IN HISTORY, EVER! The worst part of this horror was the psychological attack on the African mind through colonization and years of oppression. There was a CONSCIOUS effort to ensure dehumanization, CONSCIOUS effort!

Why? Because dehumanization justifies animalistic treatment and rids moral responsibility. They made the Africans change their name, cut their hair, change their religion , and change their language. All this was done to rid them of their true identities. Knowing who you are and what you are owed is the biggest threat to an oppressor. This is why they would not allow the slaves to read. KNOWLEDGE MAKES A MAN UNFIT TO BE A SLAVE…

The Trans-Atlantic Slave trade was the birth of worldwide racism. It was the first time a “slave” could be readily identified because of the phenotypical differences between the Africans and Europeans. African servitude was similar to feudalism, American chattel slavery was a 500 year holocaust. YOU CANNOT COMPARE THE TWO.

“Slavery is in the past, let it go” Why is it important to recognize Trans -Atlantic Slavery? It virtually made EUROPEANS wealthy, it is the reason for their worldwide success, and it gave Americans a 400 year headstart of advancement on the rest of the world. It is also responsible for the starving Africans kids that you see on television always being portrayed by the media. African resources were directly controlled by Europeans and used to benefit Europe and America. The enslaved got nothing to show for it but the destruction of their families. NOT EVEN AN APOLOGY. The Wealthy ELITE in America is still spending OLD money from slavery.

I could go on and on about this but if you take nothing from this post understand that SLAVERY should not be generalized and NEVER forget it. Allowing a person who benefited from slavery to tell you, the VICTIM to forget about it is FOOLISH. That’s like a woman who has been RAPED to be told by her rapist to forget what he did to her, NEVER FORGET.

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