Luisa Casagrande‘s insight:

Diversity makes the world interesting. Children learn from school age that people have different skin colors, speak different languages and come from different countries. Befriending or helping someone who is disabled can encourage acceptance. Accepting the differences of others without judgment helps diversity to thrive in society.

International Dinner

An international dinner is an effective way to introduce other cultures. All participants can exhibit their family heritage by preparing an ethnic dish. Some people may have to seek help from parents or grandparents. They may also learn some new things about their own heritage. Schedule a night for the event and have all participants wear ethnic clothing to represent their culture. They can also bring the recipe so others can make it. Everyone should be encouraged to try every dish.

Diversity Bingo

Diversity Bingo games can jump-start discussion about ethnic groups without people feeling offended. There are several types of bingo games such as Black History Bingo, Kwanzaa Bingo and Hispanic Heritage Bingo. The bingo squares have questions related to the topic of the game. The instructor or "caller" draws identical questions from a bowl and reads it aloud. The first player who can answer the question about the ethnic group correctly can cover the square. The questions on the bingo game should help players learn about other cultures and answer questions they may have about their own ethnicity.