The Second Edition of “Intimate Lens Ethnographic Film Festival” is close to start in Caserta on 6th to 9th 2012.


It’s a very intersting event. The four days include an intense journey through colors and ethnicities, variations and storytelling techniques.The event is divided into three major sections: ethnographic films, video art and the Photonarrations.


Since there is a presence of a strong focus on India, on 7 and 8 December there will be a special session in the “Sala” of Museum of Contemporary Art dedicated to South Asia.


Unlike the first edition, which reserved a particular focus on documentaries Campania, this year the festival seems to give more international breathing with a strong global presence, as well as Indian products and works from Africa and Iran.


The festival, created by Aldo Colucciello and Augusto Ferraiuolo, is organized by a network of associations. Bagaria – Tradizioni a Confronto, BRIO, and OfCA Labyrintho joined their forces for an event that has  an international dimension and putting immediately itself, from its first edition, as one of the most important festivals in the sector in Italy, certainly not with the intention to create an expert cubby, but to revive the culture of our land entered as never before in the global dialetic.


On their website you’ll find a lot of informations moreover an explanaition on the main aims:


“Ethnographyis intended to promote documentary cinema with particular attention to anthropological topics and methodologies. The international character of the festival is both desirable and unavoidable because of the specific character of the discipline and of the medium of film itself. In this inaugural round, we have chosen not to focus on specialist themes but instead to offer an array of work representing different filmic idioms and geographical areas of interest. The aim is to offer both professional and non-professional viewers a broad (if necessarily incomplete) spectrum of possibilities. We believe that this choice not only will trigger a wide exchange of ideas and themes but will also generate an extensive collaborative perspective. We have made it a core principle to select topics of general interest exhibiting both thematic diversity and relevance to the interests of non-specialist viewers. We have rejected mere exoticism as outdated and unnecessary and have aimed at a selection that, via the intimacy of the camera’s lens, extends the local and the particular to a perspective that is truly contemporary and global.”


If you can’t attend personally, you can follow the event on


Further informations will be advanced from the early days of December through subsequent communications of the program.