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I always have to make a choice in my life; live as a black woman or as a white woman. I could pass for white, but I stay and proudly claim my “one drop”. When whites ask me why I chose to live as a black, I tell them: “Because if I were white, I’d be a poor white and would rather be a dog. And if I were Indian I would be on some reservation. No, Thank-you, I’d rather be a Nigger”. Exactly as Yvonne’s grandmother in “The healing”.

“Where are you from?” is the next step. It’s a pretty familiar and simple question which answer can just keep a conversation driving toward commonality and connection. Unless, of course, “where are you from” conflicts with “what are you like”. Then the question is more pointed – coded – a falsely casual way of asking not WHO but WHAT you are. And for a growing number of people living in the so called “civilized world”, well-integrated and cultured, “What am I?” is the question that’s being asked, debated, turned over, chewed upon and spat back out again.

This is a new blog about bi-racial and bi-cultural identity especially in Europe and particularly in Italy, where Multiracial experience living is still something unbelievable, where people being mixed will cause psychiatric problems, where they point out the fact you are without root and cultural heritage, where you are tagged as “the different”.

The choice now is to be called Halfrican or Halfeuopean?